Monthly Archives: August 2015


Teaching Tools

As you lead your children through Let’s Build a Manger™, as well as through any activity you do together, here are a few critical reminders:

Be a “Guide by the Side”

Encourage and coach your child to do as much as he/she/they can. If they can read: Let them read and follow the instructions as you coach. If they […]

Be Imitators of Christ

Our prayer is that all men who use Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership™ will be able to say like Paul…

Be imitators of me as I am of Christ. I Corinthians 11:1 ESV

But you can’t give your family something you don’t have yourself. So if you’ve never trusted Christ for Salvation, you can take care of […]

Dad, You Can Nail This!™

Every dad should have a tool bag or box; literally and figuratively.  We all have different skills and abilities so our literal tools may help us work on computers, airplane engines or the stock market.  Dads may also have tools and tool bags related to their hobbies.  A golf bag full of clubs or a […]