Every dad should have a tool bag or box; literally and figuratively.  We all have different skills and abilities so our literal tools may help us work on computers, airplane engines or the stock market.  Dads may also have tools and tool bags related to their hobbies.  A golf bag full of clubs or a bat bag filled with bats, balls and gloves, or even a tackle box filled with lures, hooks and bobbers.  Any of these could create great opportunities for dads to share what they know and love with their kids.  However, the most important tools are our spiritual tools.  These are the tools that we use to teach God’s Truth to our children.  God clearly tells us that this is one of our responsibilities as dads.  We know that many men feel much more confident with their iPhone® and golf clubs than they do their Bibles.  So, the whole purpose of Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership™ is to put some practical spiritual tools in your tool box.

This Christmas season we look forward to adding Let’s Build a Manger™ to your spiritual tool box, which provides a hands-on activity that will enhance the celebration of Christmas while helping men lead their families spiritually.  This kit helps men ENGAGE their children (or someone else’s) to build a real wood manger.  In addition, an activity booklet will EQUIP dad to use the manger as a tool to lead his family in activities that will help keep Christ in front of Christmas.  The greatest outcome, however, is this experience ENCOURAGES men to step-up as the spiritual leaders in the home.  The Let’s Build a Manger™ kit includes the wood, sandpaper, nails and easy-to-follow instructions to construct a small manger.  In addition, the booklet offers six creative activities that will help you lead your family to use the manger to focus on Christ this Christmas.  What kid wouldn’t love playing the role of “Seeking Shepherd” around the house?  Think of the fun they will have taking turns hiding their baby doll or stuffed animal in the manger they helped build, and searching for Jesus just as the shepherds did after hearing the angel announce His birth.  What a great way for them to learn, and even memorize, Luke 2:10b & 11.

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord!”  (ESV)

Good news, indeed!  We really must work to keep Jesus at the center of our lives and family year round, and your manger could be used in some way as a 365 day reminder of God’s wonderful gift of Salvation through His Son.  So, you could simply store your manger away with the rest of your decorations until next year (but that’s pretty boring, right?), or you could get creative and use it as a planter for flowers, a baby bed for your little girl’s dolls, or a basket for bread or cookies.  The possibilities are endless.  And so are the tools that God can provide to help you lead your family closer to Him.  Be on the lookout for more Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership™ resources to place in your tool box.  Dad, You Can Nail This!™

Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership™ is presented by Noble Warriors.  We want to help you be a Noble Warrior for your family.

  • A man who honors God with his life and leads his family to do the same.
  • A man who invests time and energy in his ‘arrows’ to make sure they are straight, sharp and true.

Let’s Build a Manger™ will be available for purchase at the end of August.  Please visit DadsTools.org for more information.  You can also sign-up for Noble Notes at NobleWarriors.org to keep in touch with us and our efforts to help churches reach and build men.